The Clownworld timeline is one of the many micro-chronospheres of the Belfield FM universe. It was first discovered on the 14th of October 2018 when an inter-dimensional rift occurred between the clown timeline and the original timeline. On this day the catalytic event that causes the temporal schism between both worlds somehow found itself in the regular timeline by way of the Belfield FM subreddit.

The 'Clown Post'

The disunion event manifested itself in the form of a text-based reddit post on the subreddit now known as the 'Clown Post'. The user responsible used the handle /u/UCDSU, presumably an envoy from an alternative UCD Students Union. The post, titled Oh Cian, come out and playyyyy 🤡🔪, reads:

Belfield FM has been selected to take part in UCD SU's new Halloween Clowns event! This is a fun activity that will take place all over campus from 29-31st October.

Cian Lyons has been targetted by one of our clowns, he now has to select a team of survivalists to ensure the clown doesn't get to him before the Halloween party in the Clubhouse bar! Spot prize will be awarded on the night. So find out whether your clown is a killer or a kisser! x

If you have any queries, please contact or message the UCD Ents page on Facebook

This remains the only glimpse of this alternate reality available to those in the original timeline and has been the spark of much discussion.

Prominent Clownworld Figures

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Keleigh Drea

The harbinger and presumed author of the 'Clown Post', Ms. Drea holds some position in the Clown SU. The wording of her message suggests she has many clowns at her disposal, presumably of different levels of martial/comic ability. Attempts to contact the email left have been futile, fruitless and have resulted only in disappointment, further confusion and a general sorrow to those who try and reach out, contact or generally interact with the email.

Hunted Cian

Cian has found himself the main object of interest in the Clownworld. It is unclear as to whether this version of cian holds any similarities with the 'Lyno' interpretation known in the standard timeline. Presumambly he holds strong constitution against fear based attacks and is a competent leader of men.

Cian's Party

Cian responsed to the hunting call through his standard reddit account /u/The__Reckoner in an act of chrono-manipulation by Hunted Cian. He listed a potential squadron of shades to help him fiend off the clown. His post reads:

I pick Matthew O'Leary (Claw Dagger Expert), Patrick Power (Dual Berettas), Joe Kiely Fox (Journeyman Bear Hunter) and Saoire Moore (Ordinance and Munitions)

Other than the recognition of Patricks profieciency with akimbo firearms (which is inline with his ordinary self), Cians party suggests that the Clownworld characters are far removed from standard interpretations.

The Clown

Very little is known about this particular jester, although most have imagined it as killer clown rather than a kisser.

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