David, also known as Creature Sullivan in the Dreamscape Timeline, Benny in the Sopranos Timeline, Podgorny in the Soviet Timeline, and Brutus in the Caesar Timeline, is one the 7th Events Manager and the 8th Secretary of Belfield FM since the severing. David was part of the DOS gang in the second stage of the Megamix Golden Era and was part of the Ascoughian wave of first years.

David would become a behemoth of "normie broadcasting" in Belfield FM, maintaining an interview show on and off for three years while also being a common guest on other broadcasts and generally maintaining genial and friendly relationships with many members of Belfield FM. David has been under suspicion for conflicting loyalties. Holding dual citizenship to the suburbs of Basil and the countryside of Cork has put David in the uncomfortable position of being seen as a Culchie Member, as well as a Swiss Carpetbagger. Furthermore, rumour of familial ties with Nazi Gold swarmed David in his early career but such tumours have been largely quelled.
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