Madness is an extremely prevalent concept in the world of Belfield FM that comes in many forms. Most indoctrinated members will find themselves in a state of lunacy at some point in their tenure at the station, with a select few even falling totally into hysteria. It is believed that at least one person every calendar year succumbs to mania, the latest unfortunate victim being society mainstay Joe Kiely Fox

Pod Brain Edit

The most common form of Belfield FM specific mental illness is whats known as 'pod brain'. This condition occurs when one has spent a large amount of time in The Pod, which could be as little as 3 straight hours for gentle minds. One is particularly at risk if the atmosphere in the station is more braindead and directionless than usual. Symptoms include lethargy and acting weird. Pod brain usually wears off once one leaves the pod for a significant amount of time, althouogh some extreme cases leave the afflicted unable to ever truly leave or be comfortable outside of The Pod.

Irony Poisoning Edit

In recent years many members have adopted a toxic ironic mindset. Such members lack empathy and are unable to connect with others on a meaningful level. The source of this peculiar delirium seems to be a combination of the easily lampooned environment around the afflicted, media consumed by the afflicted and most importantly the afflicted re-enforcing each others ironic dispositions by hanging out together and being irony poisoned. In recent times, Patrick Power and Matthew O Leary have attempted to combat the spread of the condition through an attitude of new sincerity and studying the work of late American writer David Foster Wallace. Although claims have been levied against the duo as being the prime examples of irony poisoning in BFM, unable to show sincere beliefs or opinions without a veil of sarcasm.

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