Matthew, also known as Paladin O'Leary in the Dreamscape Timeline, Eugene in the Sopranos Timeline, Brezhnev in the Soviet Timeline, Octavian in the Caesar Timeline, and Harlan in the Videodrome Timeline, is one of the 7th set of General Production officers and the 8th Station Manager of Belfield FM since the severing. Matthew was part of the DOS gang in the second stage of the Megamix Golden Era and was part of the Ascoughian wave of first years. 

Alongside Brendan Keenan Matthew would start flagship show 808s & 404s and create the cult classic Chess 2. Known for his strongman tactics and ogrish demeanor, Matthew helped bring the DOS Gang into dominance over the BFM hierarchy.

Matthew is part of the small cohort of Culchie Members in Belfield FM, and as a result has to sustain criticisms of degeneracy and baseness from Pale Members.

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